About "Studio 17"

logo3Architects & Planners “STUDIO-17” started in business in 1991.
Among clients of the studio many of the major development and construction companies were presented: joint Finnish-Russian company “YIT-Lentek”, “Bank of St. Petersburg”, “LBC”. “Vozrojdenie Peterburga” etc. Since 2011 major clients of the “STUDIO 17” are the following companies: NCC ltd, Baltic pearl ltd, Normann ltd and “Zacrom” Ohta Group.

STUDIO -17 participates permanently in architectural competitions. Lately it was the winner of the four competitions out of seven entries.
Leading architects of the Studio are the members of the Architect Union Russia. The Studio itself is a member of a corporate Association of Architects Practice – AAP – in St. Petersburg, which unites most advanced practices of the city.
Over 20 qualified architects work today in the Studio within a whole staff of 30 people. The Studio is acting on basis of a full set of legal permits and a full license on project services. The senior principal of the company is Sviatoslav Gaikovich, a Honored Architect of Russian Federation, a member of the City Urban Council. Other principals of the company are: Lubov Chenzova, Michael Olderogge,– all are qualified architects.
The company runs its business in a comfortable office easily available from the City centre. The office is located in the STUDIO-17 completed project.
Illustrations of our recent works are in the content. We provide a full scope of works starting from evaluation and expertise of preliminary project documents – through feasible study to project design and working drawings. Supervision on site is also in the scope of our services.